Meeting in Finland

We decided to work with the two danish artists H.C. Andersen and Otto Frello.

Best practice - H.C. Andersen

In the best practice with H.C. Andersen we were focusing on his life and his career as an artist. Many people knows his fairytales, but what many people don´t think about is his work with papercuts. That is what we wanted the students in Denmark and in the other countries to learn about.



Read more about H.C. Andersen:

The students had to work in six different workshops, where they had to work in different ways with the artist. You can se the description of the different workshops if you press this link:

Media meet art

The project is about using medias in the arts, so I wanted to introduce they pupils to different kinds of programs and different ways of working with them. We introduced them to:

- - where we made a joined site about H.C. Andersen´s life and career



QR-code for our padlet

- Video portfolio - the pupils had to make a digital portfolio by filming them self


- Photo stories - the students were introduced to an app called "ComicCam" where they could use different filters on the camera to make a photo story. They came up with the story by analyzing a papercut by H.C. Andersen. It resulted in many different stories. Before they

started taking pictures, they had to make a story board to prepare.

You can also see the photo stories on our padlet

- - The student played games about H.C. Andersen to repeat their knowledge about him. The games are designed by the teacher.


In the end the pupils made digital collages about H.C. Andersen

Written by Christine

Otto Frello


The pupils can learn about the life and the kind of art made by Otto Frello




They will paint a diafant in the math program GeoGebra and learn about mathematical figures


Just use this link to the learning design :-)

Enjoy :-) :-)